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Better Information Consult...
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Brief introduction of the BIC

  Better Information Consulting Company (BIC) is a company that aims to help non-English speaking clients to improve their English skills, both in conversational and in professional English.  BIC uses different teaching methods for different aspects of the culture.  The goal is to improve the client’s vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, writing and grammar.  The training also improves the confidence of the clients to communicate with foreigners. 

   BIC excels in training medical professionals in  English medical terminology; case presentation and helping students to do research and publications. At the same time, BIC could help medical personnel to pass the USMLE or the RN exam in the USA. Moreover, BIC can be a service for people who want to improve their English to improve their position in a company or increase their protential in a growing professional career.

  BIC has an excellent team of professionals, both in teaching and clinical medicine, to provide all around teaching and discussion in all medical fields in English.  It has over 30 specialists in all fields, with years of clinical and teaching experience abroad and in China.  Most of them spend years in medical fields in the United States and western countries.


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