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The Short-term Training for the Shenzhen medical personnel traveling to Germany 
Professional Foreign Language Training to the Medical Personnel 
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Professional Foreign Language Training to the Medical Personnel 

Characteristics and advantages of the project  

The project on foreign language training is for the medical professionals who will soon go abroad or wish to go abroad in the future.  The purpose of this training is to help them to adapt and function in the new environment.  Therefore this course not only offers a standard English training, but also teaches them advanced specialty English, advanced conversational English and cultural differences in various foreign countries.  The special features and advantages are as follows:

1.        Conversational: Both everyday conversation and conversation in medical community.

2.        English medical terminology: A standard medical terminology from western countries and the United States will be taught.  Trainees completing this course should be able to communicate in clinical discussions, reading medical journals, and writing papers in English.

3.        Clinical discussions in English: After the two courses above trainees will be offered opportunities to participate and conduct clinical discussions in English under the supervision of an experienced clinician.

4.        Other languages training:  BIC has the ability to offer similar trainings as described above in other languages (i.e. German, French, Spanish and Korean) when the need arises.

Content of course

1. Conversational English: including the Medical Conversation and Everyday English in Conversation

2. Medical Terminology: A standard English medical terminology used in the USA.

3. Case Presentation: Various case presentations and discussions by an experienced clinician.

4. Other Courses of Languages: Taught by experienced teachers in their mother tongues.

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